The Problem

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•Lack of information amidst students (across colleges, Eg. IITs) and / or (recent graduates with less than -3/4 years of graduation) on the opportunities to work for social sector:
–Problems and opportunities in the sector
–Companies that work in the sector
–Structured form of work / jobs available in the sector which will be suitable for them.
–Career Path for individuals working in these organizations / sector

•Lack of support system to help people identify opportunities to work in the sector. Web-portals exist for posting jobs but lack in painting a complete picture of the sector
–Lack of an IIT alumni ecosystem within social enterprises

•Information about sector is available on the web but is scattered and not structured to give a holistic and concise picture

•Limited companies within social enterprises visit campuses for recruitment
–Even the ones that visit face issues in positioning themselves as compared to other recruiters. Making them a part of the typical recruitment season may not be the right answer.
–Too expensive for some of these firms to visit the campus.
•Social enterprises need to be educated on the identified talent segment – their skill sets and expectations.

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